UTM is looking for partners for our 2021 events. A tournament partner could be an association, a minor softball team, community group, college or university program... 

UTM Partners have the opportunity to:

  • Share in the revenue (entry fee) of the event
  • Run concessions, raffles & other fundraising efforts during the event itself
  • Advertise at the event
  • Help plan & coordinate event weekend

Depending on the event, # of teams, venue it is possible for partners to earn upwards of $2,000 for a weekend event. UTM will work with all partners on an arrangement that suits all parties. We will rely on our partners in 2021 more than we ever have previously. Our events are recognized as some of the better attended tournaments of the season and the scale of several of these events has become too much for one group to manage week to week. Previous UTM partners have benefited from our tournaments, and we look forward to sharing these benefits with more groups in the spring & summer of 2021

To find out how you can partner with UTM at one of our tournaments please contact us at