The roster for this program is now complete. We thank the softball community for their interest in this program. We are excited to see the team compete and grow on and off the field. The program has been working out in Blanford/Blenheim put will be looking to move further down the 401 to make it easier on the families committed to this program.


Easton   Burlington SAS  Prov LT 


  • Darryl O'Reilly


  • A new program formed in the fall of 2020, with approval from their previous organization to move forward/over to UTM
  • This program/core has competed strong provincially the last 2 seasons


#    Name    Hometown    Position   
8    Pyper Morley           
10    Isabella Mishra           
13    Sofia Henriques           
23    Brooke Bilkas           
27    Samara Groves           
29    Julianna Merritt    Waterloo, ON       
30    Georgia Willsie           
43    Chloe Jones    
44    Olivia Frazer           
77    Cara Skye              
83    Tess Squire           
99    Keira O'Reilly