2K4 K-W REGION 16U/U19

Roster selection for our team is now complete. We thank everyone that was interested. We are excited to once again have this program in operation for 2020/2021. This program remains the first program in the UTM organization to reach a National Championship. Now as a first year U19 program, we are excited to have veteran coach David Vallance on the staff to mentor and teach our atheltes.


Dairy Queen     Healthy Feet Dairy Queen    House Hunter Safari Rent A Bin         Canadian Ashphalt


  • Jason Shackell 
  • David Vallance
  • Kim Poulin
  • Jeff Shackell


  • formed in the fall of 2018 this program brought together athletes from several different programs that were looking for an elite level Tier 1 program
  • In the team's first year summer 2019 they reached the Softball Canada National Championship's held in Calgary
  • Year 2 the group was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and limited to pod play
  • Fall 2020 the team is re-energized with decorated coach David Vallance added to the staff


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