Our U19 Morriston group returns for a 3rd season under the great leadership of Jason Saker.  

We are very excited for this amazing group of girls to hit the field together.  The group is a cohesive unit of dedicated girls who each bring something special to our team and the game.

Be sure to head to our social media pages and see what these girls have to offer.

Post secondary coaches please visit our YouTube channel for individual videos.  For more information please contact

Instagram: @utm_morriston
Twitter: @UTMMorriston
YouTube: UTM Morriston






  • Jason Saker
  • Ryan Hall
  • Heather Ryder
  • Scott Ranney
  • John Salvucci
  • Jason Zorzi


  • Formed in the fall of 2018 this group provided players with a chance to continue playing, when many no longer had a place to play in neighboring associations
  • In 2019 the group had a successful run at tournaments including Super Max, PWSA Qualifers, and GVLSA championship play


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