Our newest U19 Tier 2 affiliate is based in the Halton Region. The program is led by Lee Reboredo. The roster for this program has now been selected. This team will be competing at the U19 Tier 2 level in the summer of 2021


 Easton Corbetts  CVDC


  • Lee Reboredo
  • Mark Hurry
  • Alain Thibault
  • Carly Cosgrove


  • In the late summer of 2020, leaders of this program reached out to UTM about creating a new opportunity for athletes in the Halton Region. After some back and forth discussions the decision was made to offer this program to the softball community
  • The team successfully held tryouts in September 2020 and the roster is comprised of players from across the region, all the way down to St Catherine's.


Coming Soon