UTM Caledon 2K5 is led by coaches Mike Barber and Andrew Crockett. The Caledon group is now in its 2nd full year of fielding UTM affiliate programs. We are super proud of the hard work that Mike, Andrew and the rest of the volunteers have done to offer these athletes a chance to compete at the top level in the province of Ontario. The pandemic has limited this team's ability to travel, but they look forward to returning to some great events in Ontario and across the border in the 2022 season.

2K5 Caledon

Our U16 team in Caledon continues under the leadership team of Andrew Crockett & Mike Barber. The roster for this team for the fall 2020 season has been finalized. This group plans to compete at the Tier 1 level in the summer of 2021.


 Easton Keswick


  • Andrew Crockett
  • Michael Barber


  • UTM GTA North program was formed in the fall of 2019 to provide another Tier 1 outlet for athletes who hadn't secured a spot to their liking
  • Mike Barber & Andrew Crockett led the group and despite the pandemic, the team completed over 30 games played in the fall, winter and August pod season
  • The 2019/2020 team was a mixed group of athletes born in 2004 & 2005, the 2005 class remains at the U16 level for 2021, and has added new athletes to complement the roster


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