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2020 has come with challenges most of us have never experienced before. The concern over the spread of COVID-19 has disrupted every aspect of society as we know it. We are all still adjusting to the current reality... no softball for the next several weeks, possibly months, and regrettably possibly the entire 2020 summer season. One of the most liked features on our website was our Team Power Rankings for various divisions of play here in Ontario. We hope to someday soon be able to get back to that fun and discussion... however in the meantime we would like to share with you the current UTM Power Rankings, with shout-outs to all those that are working hard to help us get through these difficult times.

 UTM  Stay Home1


Rank    Team    Comments   
1    Health Care Workers, Doctors, Nurses, Support Staff    Love this group, heading to work each day, long hours fighting against the tough COVID-19 opponent
1       Truckers, Supply Chain Logistics & Delivery Staff Without this group, we wouldn't be able to just go to the store and get the food, vitamins, and medicine we need to keep everyone going
1    Medical Device/Supply Workers    Those working in industries manufacturing masks, or other products that are essential to keep hospital staff & patients safe, and comfortable
1    Long Term Care Workers    No area in society is more vulnerable then the elderly. To all those going to long-term care facilities each day to care for our family, seniors, we thank you.
1    Volunteers Helping Vulnerable People in our Community    Your work often goes unseen. In these difficult times, we appreciate all you do to protect those more vulnerable to disease and illness.
1    Government Officials at All Levels    These challenges and decisions you're facing daily aren't likely what you believed you would experience. We trust your leadership, and respect decisions being made for us long term
1    Families of All of the Above    Your support for your family members is appreciated. The stress of knowing your loved ones are out daily with a higher chance of exposure is not lost on us.
1    Softball Volunteers    To all of the volunteers at SO, PWSA, and every association in Ontario... thank you for making smart decisions, that respect the health and well being of everyone in our province. We appreciate your efforts above and beyond your regular commitments to family, jobs, etc.
1    All of Us    Together we can beat this! We are all doing a great job at respecting the guidelines in place. We are making a difference. Keep it up!

On behalf of the member clubs of UTM Fastpitch we want to thank everyone involved on the front lines fighting against COVID-19. We also want to thank everyone not mentioned on this list, there are so many people contributing to assist us during these difficult times. Give a shout out to all those people too!

  • UTM Windsor U16
  • UTM 2K4
  • UTM GTA 2K4
  • UTM East
  • UTM Durham
  • UTM Morriston
  • UTM Drumbo
  • UTM Blandford-Blenheim