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  • Windsor U15 is a joint venture between UTM Fastpitch Canada, and a new group of leaders from APEX
  • APEX is an organization that is committed to providing new opportunities for young athletes, focusing on their skill-sets, strength and mind-set. Apex takes pride in fostering a culture of family that will never let you down. The organization's symbol is the "wolf". Wolves collaborate, work and succeed in a pack, they move as FAMILY!  Apex is about learning this mindset. 
  • The U15 leaders have become passionate about softball over the last few seasons. The leadership team is happy to be afforded this opportunity to showcase the Apex philosophy with the UTM Fastpitch brand. Our coaching team are willing to teach this sport to young women who have the drive and potential to progress forward in every aspect of the game.  
  • The Apex mindset will provide young ladies with a meticulous system of support, learning the game of softball, developing various life skills through sport, and having the support to overcoming adversity. 
  • Apex is committed to taking athletes to the highest heights athletically and personally. 
  • #KeepFlying!!! the APEX way - Hard Work. Mindset. Positivity. Accountability. Growth. Family. #RunWithThePack #ApexFastpitch


  • Monday September 20th 5:30pm Mic Mac Diamonds 1&2, Windsor