Welcome to UTM Fastpitch

Welcome to UTM Fastpitch

1 January 2022

(Waterloo, ON)

January 1st! A new year is upon us and our teams are excited and hopeful for what the 2022 summer softball season will look like. Our teams are optimistic about the season, and believe that come the end of spring we will be in a good place for teams to commence competition. Our 2022 team line-up is smaller than what we had last year, but our teams are all very strong contenders in the age categories that they reside. Some of our teams are going to build off of their successful 2021 campaigns, that included medals at the PWSA provincial championships, and Ontario/Quebec border battle tournaments last summer.

Here is a look at our 2022 team line-up.


  • UTM Revolution 2K7 Southwest (O'Rielly)
  • UTM Bandits 2K8 (Morrow)

U17 A

  • Southern Alberta Revolution (Burrill) *partner program


  • UTM Revolution Windsor (Schram)
  • UTM Revolution Morriston (Saker)
  • UTM Revolution Halton (Reboredo)

Our teams have a large number of tournaments lined up for this summer, including Ontario events, as well as some great events in the United States. Our teams will also be hosting some events this summer, and look forward to welcoming teams from across Ontario to participate. Tournament schedules for UTM events will be released in early February, most of our host events are sold out, but if you are still looking for events to fill your schedule check our events page for possible space availability. We are also proud to continue our partnership with the folks at SA Revolution in Alberta, they're fielding a talented U17 program with high hopes provincially out west as well. This is our 2nd year partnering with this group, you can find more information about RevX on their team page.


To our returning athletes & families, thank you for choosing UTM Fastpitch as the association to play with in 2022! We are committed to ensuring your experience with us continues to be positive. To our new volunteers, parents, and athletes we welcome you warmly, and look forward to showcasing your exploits on and off the field in 2022. Make sure to follow UTM Fastpitch on social media. Our handle on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is @UTMFASTPITCH. Most of our individual teams also have their own social media pages. We will summarize these in a future post, and link to them on the team pages on our site.

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As the 2022 season ramps up. we want to thank all the community sponsors that are coming on board and supporting our teams and programs for the upcoming season. We value your participation and support of our teams, and look forward to whenever possible sharing your business contacts with the members of our extended softball community.

To UTM program leaders of the past, we thank you for all you have done for the UTM brand during your time with us, and we wish you the best success in the next chapter of your softball coaching/playing/fan career. Without our leaders in Caledon, Durham, Eastern Ontario, and other locations we would not have been able to grow our brand into one of the most recognizable in the province, and beyond. Thank you. A final shout-out to the folks from UTM Caledon, who were the winners of one of the PWSA 2021 Service Awards for their hard work and dedication hosting the U17 Border Battle.

To potential new leaders for 2022/2023 please reach out to us via email or phone to discuss opportunities and team locations for September 2022.

Best Regards,