UTM Teams Begin to Get Back on Field

UTM Teams Begin to Get Back on Field

13 July 2020

(Waterloo) A handful of UTM clubs are or will be set to take to the diamond shortly with the approval of RTP protocols for diamonds located in Blanford Blenheim Township. The township which has seen well over 200+ UTM tournament games over the last two years has been quiet this summer due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Recently the township, public health, and the PWSA have provided the required approvals to open up 10 person training sessions. Teams will be able to use both fields at either location and thus can have their full team & coaches present for the scheduled workouts.

Participating in Blanford Blenheim are:

  • U16 Drumbo
  • U16 2K4
  • U19 Blanford-Blenheim/Brantford

For more on the Township of Blanford Blenheim click here 

We would like to thank sponsors of these UTM teams for their 2020 commitment to youth sports.

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