Nutrition Tips

Nutrition Tips

30 March 2021

If you're like me, you love the food perks of travel ball. A weekend or week away at a softball tournament means you'll be stopping at gas stations, grabbing hotel snacks, and sliding into restaurant booths for most of your meals while you're on the road. I mean, come on. Fries are the best. Even though a lot of what we eat has to be in a hurry and mostly from a concession stand, it's important to fuel up properly when you're able to do so. Packing some healthy snacks ahead of time is a quick, easy solution to help keep your energy levels up between games.

While I am no nutritionist, here are some of my favorite pre-game meals and snacks:

1. Peanut Butter
Peanut butter is easy to pack and can be put on anything from sandwiches to apples to celery to bananas to a spoon. It's packed with protein and fiber and can also be found in many sports nutrition bars. 

2. Eggs
Eggs are a good option in the morning as many hotel breakfast bars carry omelettes or hard-boiled eggs. Add some oatmeal and fruit to the mix and you have yourself a healthy breakfast.

3. Pasta (Carrrbbbbssss)
If you're preparing for a weekend tournament, you should fuel up with some carbs in order to keep your energy stores full and happy. Don't overload the sauce with butter or cheese (marinara is a good option). But stay carb happy. Add some chicken for a kick of protein.

 4. Grilled Chicken Sandwich + Salad

Grilled chicken sandwiches come with protein and carbs and can be found at most restaurants. Throw in some healthy fat like avocado. If you don't eat meat, veggie sandwiches are also a good choice. TRY to substitute a salad for fries (I know it's hard!). Jason's Deli was always my go-to for sandwiches and salads during tournaments (but avoid the free ice cream machine!).

 5. Granola
Refueling between games can be tough and concession stands are very enticing. Forgo the Snickers, nachos, and hotdogs for some granola. It's super easy to pack and can be mixed with fruits, nuts, or yogurt.

 6. Dark Chocolate
Do you suffer from a sweet tooth? If you need your sweet fix, try to stick with low-sugar dark chocolate, which is actually a good source of antioxidants. And no, don't consume the entire bar. Stick with a piece or two at a time. Don't fall into the chocolate river of doom.

 7. Dill Pickles
One thing you can get at a concession stand (at least in the South) is a humongous dill pickle. The high sodium content of pickles can help restore your electrolytes and keep your muscles from cramping if you are prone to dehydration.

And Don't Forget To...

Drink Water!
It's not a food, but it's extremely important. Ditch the high-sugar energy drinks for some plain 'ol water to avoid dehydration, especially if you're playing in a steamy state like Texas during the summer months.

Written by Britney Connors

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