The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, has been declared a worldwide pandemic by the World Health Organization and COVID-19 is extremely contagious. UTM Fastpitch will be complying with all the required measures put in place by Softball Canada and its affiliated Provincial/Territorial Softball Associations. UTM Fastpitch on our website is making a conscious effort to provide all our UTM affiliated club leaders with the tools needed for a safe return to play.

This includes:

  • Incorporating UTM Fastpitch to mitigate the personal risk of our volunteers
  • Training (where required) on the safety protocols associated with return to play 2020
  • Providing Information & Documents to volunteers, athletes & parents made available from softball governing bodies
  • Providing links to best practices & articles detailing COVID-19 and team sports
  • Assisting UTM affiliated teams with insuring they complete the required documents, and comply with the protocols for return to play issued by their municipality, PWSA & Softball Canada
  • Sourcing PPE equipment & supplies needed for return to play

Return to play 2020 will be a collective effort of our volunteer coaches, leaders, participants & parents. Fully complying with the return to play protocols is a MUST and each UTM affiliated team will be accountable for updating UTM Fastpitch regularly with respect to their planned team events, attendance, health screening & more. Failure to comply with the outlined Return to Play Protocols can mean a suspension from all activities by PWSA & UTM Fastpitch. All affiliated teams need to understand that looking the other way WILL NOT be permitted.