UTM Executive is made up of the respective leaders of our affiliated clubs. Each team is given one “seat” on the active board. Due to the geographical challenges of meeting face to face, any issues that need to be addressed by the board as a whole would be handled via telephone or email discussions. All UTM leaders must reapply to continue to be part of the affiliated team list annually. The UTM President has the final decision on whether affiliated clubs are granted, renewed, or folded.

Each UTM program operates independently from a financial perspective. Budgets and expenses are determined by each member club. The costs to play/participate can differ between UTM affiliated depending on the choices made by the leaders of the respective clubs. UTM does have the right to oversee finances, in cases where a player/parent, or PWSA makes an inquiry.

UTM Fastpitch is a not for profit entity. Fees charged for participation in affiliated club events, tournaments, camps, clinics are meant to help fund the programs and services we deliver. Each UTM event, shall have its own financial review/statement completed.

Chris Meyer, currently is the President of UTM Fastpitch. An updated list of affiliate team leaders will be provided in October 2019.