UTM Fastpitch Canada is a growing softball organization in Canada. Our website is the home for all of our affiliated & partner teams across the country. In 2021 we are proud to continue to offer UTM programs in Ontario, as well as partner with SA Revolution to expand into the Alberta softball space. We are excited about this new partnership and look forward to working with our volunteer leaders in each of our markets. The UTM Fastpitch site in addition to sharing information about UTM teams and tournaments, also showcases information about what's happening across the landscape in terms of training, news, tournaments, tryouts, camps etc. Each fall we also provide content pertaining to the Ontario College & University Fastpitch season. One of our website's most popular feature has been our Team Power Rankings and in season the information/pages generate 1,000 views per week. Our website was first published in 2014, and our presence has grown ever since.

We now have over 15-partner/affiliated teams for the 2021 season. The 2021 season has many unknowns as our communities continue to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. UTM within the province of Ontario will not be offering tournaments in the summer of 2021. Our Ontario teams will be taking part in PWSA's summer plans which include our teams into pods/cohorts for weekday and weekend events. All of our Ontario teams expect to compete at Ontario provincials in the late summer, under the assumption that the pandemic case numbers are low. 

Each UTM affiliate and partner team operates independently, with guidance from our leadership team. As an organization we are proud of the following partnerships we have in place:

  • Entripy - operating the main UTM store, offering merchandise across the country
  • Event Connect - operates our tournament design/software
  • Easton - providing discounted softball equipment to teams across the country via our partnership stores

In addition we appreciate and value each of the individual club sponsors that have helped our young athletes & volunteer coaches in the past, present & future.  We encourage everyone to check out our team pages which list the various community partners each of these teams has on board for 2021. We are excited to continue to use our website to promote the sport of softball nationally.

For information on how to become a UTM affiliated club, preferred partner, club sponsor please reach out to us today at info@utmfastpitch.com