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Ranking Updates

UTM Rawlings Power Rankings April 30

As of April 30...

U19 Tier 1
No change to the Tier 1 rankings as we are now just 4 days away from the start of play. Waterloo Ghosts will head into the season as the favorite, and it will be everyone else's to Ghostbust in May, to alter the hold the Ghosts have on the #1 rank. There are 12 teams affiliated as Tier 1 teams right now, expect 1 or 2 more to be added in the next 10 days.

U19 Tier 2
No change to the first five, however the number of affiliated teams has now risen to just shy of 20, which makes the possibility of a Tier 2 Qualifier likely this season.

U16 Tier 1
Some of the teams we noted were missing from the PWSA list are now on the latest release and as such the rankings have been shaken up somewhat this week. Brantford and Tavistock enter the list, some of the math in the chart doesn't line up this release, we will fix it for next week.

U16 Tier 2
More teams affiliated in this group this past week as well, therefore we've again made some modifications to the Top-10. We will keep LaSalle 03 in the position for now, but they will be challenged right of the bat to keep that top spot rest assured.

U14 Novice
Some changes to this list, more to spark debate than anything else at this stage. The Novice group will battle in Brampton to get things underway. Once that event is complete we can expect to see some adjustments to not only the first 10, but likely all the way down to the mid 20's too!

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