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Ranking Updates

UTM Rawlings Power Rankings April 23rd

Here are our updated rankings, with a new review of who is/isn't on the PWSA affilated team list as of April 23rd...

U19 Tier 1
No change to the Tier 1 rankings as we are now just 10 days away from the start of play. Waterloo Ghosts will head into the season as the favorite, and it will be everyone else's to Ghostbust in May, to alter the hold the Ghosts have on the #1 rank. Notable add, Guelph joins the list, as they now show as affiliated on the PWSA site.

U19 Tier 2
No change to the first five, but following this group we've slotted in the Gators as the new #6, joining Guelph as a new entrant to the Top-10 list this week is the London Lightning. The final three teams are slot down, and our new Top-10 list is all set. We do anticipate a few more affiliated teams coming soon which will again alter this somewhat.

U16 Tier 1
Status quo at the top heading into opening weekend. This group will all be at the Mohawk tourney, although the Vikings are playing up in the U19 division. No new teams to the Top-10 but we've bumped the Tigers 03 squad up a spot, and dropped Brampton down 1. A few heavy hitters still not on the PWSA list, once there the Top-10 will look different.

U16 Tier 2
Got some new info, and with that in tow we have adjusted our U16 Tier 2 list a bit. No change to the first three, but following that you will see some movement. London Lightning joins the first 10 here. PWSA now showing 27 Tier 2 Bantam teams, wow.

U14 Novice
No changes made to the Novice list. We acknowledge this is perhaps the category where we know the least, we do now have some support on the writing side to help us better grasp the Novice division. 50+ teams expected to affiliate, so it will be a learning curve for sure. This age class still lacks a host for all three Provincial Championships.

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