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Ranking Updates

Ontario First 10 - September 10

Here is the first top-10 list of the season... We will be updating our UTM First 10 every Monday & Thursday over the next 5 weeks. Please feel free to interact with these rankings by messaging us via email or acrosss the UTM social media platforms. We understand these rankings aren't always going to be 100% on point, but they're meant to add an element of fun & exposure to the College & University game here in Ontario. Good luck to all teams in both leagues this fall. We're excited for all first year & returning players, best of luck with your seasons! Send us links to your team's articles and we will post content on our site, always linking back to the original source.

UTM Ontario College & University First-10 - 09/10/2018

1 Western 3-1-0 OIWFA - 1 1
2 Humber 4-0-0 OCAA - 2 2
3 St Clair 3-1-0 OCAA - 3 3
4 Durham 3-1-0 OCAA - 4 4
5 Laurier 4-0-0 OIWFA - 5 5
6 Brock 3-1-0 OIWFA - 6 6
7 Guelph 3-1-0 OIWFA - 7 7
8 Brock 3-1-0 OIWFA - 8 8
9 Conestgoga 2-2-0 OCAA - 9 9
10 Windsor 3-1-0 OIWFA - 10 10
We will keep Western at the top of the list, and keep watch for Queen's following the Gaels surprise win Sunday vs the Mustangs. Western has been and is again the annual favourite in the University circuit. Humber Hawks take the 2nd spot following a perfect 4-0-0 weekend with wins vs Fanshawe and Mohawk. Tougher tests coming this week on the schedule for the Hawks. A pair of College 3-1-0 teams are next in line with St Clair edging out Durham for the #3 spot, following their road victory at Durham last night. Rounding out the first 5 is Laurier who swept Carleton and Ottawa this weekend at home for a 4-0-0 start in the University league.
*** Please note these rankings are not endorsed by either the College or University league.

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