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(Brampton, ON) UTM Fastpitch is excited to expand our U16 Tier 1 program into the GTA this fall with the approval of our affiliate in GTA North. This new team will be lead by Mike Barber, and Andrew Crockett, as well as additional assistants to be named following the commencement of tryouts. The team will conduct their tryouts next week in the Town of Caledon, which is located to the north of Brampton, and to the south west of Barrie.

We asked affiliate leader Mike Barber on the plans and goals for the team. Coach Mike said " The goal for 2020 is simple - to strive to put the very best program together, focused on individual skill development, personal accountability, and teamwork. We plan to compete at the highest level in the Province and the country." 

At this time the plans are 100% that this group play Tier 1 ball in 2020. "It is our goal to build a team of athletes that are talented, and capable of raising their games to another level. Ultimately our goal is to be at Canadian Nationals in 2020. We will get there by working hard together as a team, in everything we do." Barber added.

This UTM affiliate is also committed to playing ball this fall, as well as including some US travel into the schedule. The coaching team said in a recent telephone call "There is a certain level of excitement that comes from travelling across the border to play a sport that you love.  It gives you the opportunity to see other teams – teams that you wouldn’t normally get to see during your season, and it opens up a world of possibilities as you see all of the College Coaches that are watching these events."

Opening tryout is Labour Day Monday, you can check out the times and locations below. The team also plans on showcasing a player assessment tool at their tryouts next week.


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