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Since 2014 we have been promoting the sport of softball in Ontario. In the fall of 2015 we launched our own club softball under the name UTM Revolution. In 2016 our organization fielded one team, then in 2017 we expanded to three teams. Now in our 3rd year of operation, we have four teams slated to take to the field in the spring/summer of 2018. We have developed a network of contacts across Canada and the United States and are able to provide our coaching teams with the resources and connections to build winning programs. We are a recognized program, one that is respected and looked to for advice and how to/what to do processes. We are always open to looking to increase the number of affiliate clubs. We provide best in class advice, a web presence, a network of contacts, knowledge of what tournaments to attend, etc. Becoming a UTM affiliate gives you all the traditional aspects of a softball team, and also gives you the flexibility to be independently managed and operated. UTM Fastpitch is not based in a central location, we are different. We provide the support for your UTM team online, which allows you to operate anywhere across Ontario and beyond. Consider being a UTM affiliate partner club today! You can find out more about the organization and what an affiliate means in the Brand Section of our website, under the heading Executive Team members.